Radio Regen launches…

Radio Regen has recently secured funding to deliver a Paul Hamlyn funded project called Connect-Transmit.   The project involves us working with 4 partner stations around the UK to deliver pilot training projects for young people. The project focusses on speaking and listening skills and on building the capacity of the sector to deliver training, build partnerships with educational institutions, evaluate training provision and draw down revenue from training output.  We’re looking forward to getting stuck into this 2 year project.  More information will follow.


2011 was a busy year for Radio Regen. ALL FM and Wythenshawe FM are now independently operating so Regen looks to expanding its consultancy and research base.

The Prove It project, working in partnership with ALL FM, sought to further develop the Griffith University qualitative audience research methodology as a pilot for the UK community radio sector. You can find more information about Prove It at the Community Radio Toolkit.

With the third round of licensing having been announced by Ofcom, Phil and Cathy are offering their considerable community radio operational and strategic knowledge as the Radio Regen Consultancy.  They have a proven track record in applying for RSLs and full community radio licences and as co-authors of the Community Radio Toolkit, are able to apply this knowledge for a variety of potential stations.

If you are wanting to apply for a community radio or RSL licence contact Phil using the ‘contact us‘ page.

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